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Tourist Info Point

July 2013

On the JEC composite fair in May 2011 BeBamboo met with architect Jean-François Daurès.
The architect from Archivision who is a "green-wall" specialist was asked to develop a tourist info point (TIP) for the community of Saint Privat de Champclos, France.
This project was realized by BeBamboo in co-operation with local companies who realized the foundation plate and made the finishing touches. BeBamboo construction time from 11/07 until 24/07/2013. A bamboo structural dome was erected. This dome was then covered with wooden sandwich panels filled with an isolation material made from wood residues from the local wood industry. The woodwork got a water resistant epdm cover and a green roof based on wooden frames filled with "sphaigne". The sides of the dome are covered with "pierres seches" which is a local technique. A short tunnel opens the view up to the southwest.

This project is a prototype construction with a total cost of 73.000 euro, taxes excluded.

Together with the architect, BeBamboo would like to develop this concept further for the realisation of houses using the same principles.
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